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5 Window Cleaning Myths

We’ve heard them all …Bigfoot exists, chicken soup cures all, your Uncle Joe can fix anything. As amusing as they sound, most people take these exclamations with a grain of salt, chuckle, and move on. However, in the world of window cleaning a real paradox exists when it comes to reality versus fallacy. Let take a look at some of the more common myths and deduce truth from fiction.

It’s Best To Use Hot Water When Cleaning Windows

Hot water when cleaning dishes = great. Hot water when cleaning windows = problems. Why? Well, hot water evaporates from the pane of glass at an accelerated rate resulting in streaks and smears. Professional window cleaners like 321 Window Cleaning in Melbourne Florida use a sponge like tool called a “mop” to apply cleaning solution, then a squeegee to remove the solution along with grime in a timely fashion. Hot water will cause the cleaning solution to dry much to quickly before the squeegee can work its magic resulting in dried solution which requires much more intensive effort to remove. Lukewarm or room temperature water is preferred.

Window Cleaners Use Toxic Chemicals

Although we can’t speak for all window cleaners out there, the vast majority use completely benign cleaning agents on windows. A concoction of water, a couple drops of washing soap, and a drop or two of ammonia or rubbing alcohol is all it takes. Many professionals hide this recipe like some well guarded trade secret, but truth be told, it’s really that simple. Safe for your family, pets, and foliage.

Having My Windows Professionally Cleaned Is Too Expensive

On the scale of home or facility beautification costs, professional window cleaning is at the bottom of the list. In fact, most would be shocked at the affordability. Our professional window cleaners have the proper tools and years of experience to tackle the dirtiest of jobs in a faster fashion with outstanding results for a much cheaper price than most would fathom. Pondering what that cost would be for your dwelling? Just contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Using Newspaper To Dry Glass Is The Best

Will it work to absorb water? Yes. The best? No. While newsprint is readily available, cheap, and at least somewhat absorbent, the ink and thin / delicate nature of newspaper can cause a level 5 headache. Printer’s ink has the possibility to stain white window frames. Once wet, newsprint tends to disintegrate into tiny pieces making cleanup an extremely annoying process. Additionally, the scrubbing factor when attempting to remove bird / insect excrement often results in smearing. For streak-free windows we use squeegees on glass panes, and microfiber cloths to do detail work around edges.

Rain Makes Your Windows Dirty

No, not really. While rain can indirectly cause soiling, at the end of the day, rain is just water. With that said, rain droplets often hit other surfaces containing dirt, then splash onto your glass and transport the grime to your panes. In addition, rain tends to expose dirty surfaces by running down windows with existing dirt, pollen, and other contaminants thus exposing already dirty glass to the discerning eye.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact us for all your residential or commercial window cleaning needs.

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