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How often should I get my Florida windows cleaned?

A simple question with a not so simple answer…

Living on the beautiful Space Coast of Florida has its perks. Almost year round sunshine, beaches, and friendly faces. While we take in all the glory Indialantic, Melbourne, Palm Bay and the surrounding areas have to offer, our sometimes erratic weather patterns, location of our property, and errant sprinkler heads can affect our windows pane’s cleanliness.


First question: is this a commercial or residential property? If commercial, do you have customers and/or clients coming to your location? Retail locations require more frequent window cleaning to put that “best foot forward” impression so crucial to customer appeal. Would you look forward to eating at a restaurant whose windows are caked with crud? If they don’t clean their windows, what else are they neglecting to clean? As a rule of thumb, most retail establishments we service on a monthly schedule. Of course, factors such as inclement weather can affect this. For standard office buildings, most clients are on a quarterly program.

Most residential clients are quite satisfied with a once or twice per year window cleaning; depending on location. The one exception to this rule is for our coastal dwellers. Salt spray can not only inhibit window pane visibility, but also begin the corrosion process on aluminum window parts. Servicing of exterior windows on a more frequent basis is recommended for those of you so fortunate to enjoy our beachside lifestyle on a daily basis.

If confused, just give us a call and one of our window cleaning techs will stop by and give an honest free assessment.

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact us for all your window cleaning needs in Melbourne / Palm Bay Florida and surrounding areas.

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